Surface Mount Printed Circuit Jumpers

MAY 23, 2014 – Keystone Electronics Corp. announces a new series of SMT PC Board Jumpers designed to link Circuit Board traces/tracks.

These space-saving SMT jumpers are quick and easy to set up and are uniquely suited as alternative options where thru-hole jumper use is not feasible.  As such, the new connectors are designed to provide ideal low profile circuit linkage and minimal footprint for high-density, high current PCB packages on power and aluminum backplanes.  All PCB soldering applications, including reflow, may be utilized.

Manufactured from Copper with silver plating, three different SMT Jumper styles are offered to meet individual preferences including:  Compact style, Cat. #5100 (bulk) or Cat. #5100TR (tape and reel); Micro-Miniature style, Cat. #5102 (bulk) or Cat. #5102TR (tape and reel); and Miniature Style, Cat. #5104 (bulk) or Cat. #5104TR (tape and reel).  All tape and reel parts are packaged per ANSI/EIA-481 standard for compatibility with most vacuum and mechanical pick and place assembly systems.

Blue Thunder Technologies Announces New Line of Cleanroom Documentation

cleanroom-documentationFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Blue Thunder Technologies Announces New Line of Cleanroom Documentation

Blue Thunder Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of products for controlled environments has announced a new line of cleanroom documentation including: cleanroom notebooks, clipboards, folders, notepads, pens, paper, mouse pads, and more.

This extensive new offering of cleanroom documentation includes items that are manufactured, double packaged, and certified to meet the guidelines of class 10 cleanrooms and up. To ensure the highest quality contamination control, all items are printed with low-sodium and low calcium inks. Metal rings and clips are coated with non-particulating cleanroom paint and notebook covers and spiral bindings are made of high-density polyethylene.

Blue Thunder Technologies is a manufacturer and global distributor of wiping products and consumable items used in cleanrooms, assembly line, laboratories, and manufacturing.

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A Molecular Ballet Under The X-Ray Laser

Researchers capture snapshots of free molecules by the light of the free electron laser
Hamburg, 28 February 2014. An international team of researchers has used the world’s most powerful X-ray laser to take snapshots of free molecules. The research team headed by Prof. Jochen Küpper of the Hamburg Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) choreographed a kind of molecular ballet in the X-ray beam. With this work, the researchers have cleared important hurdles on the way to X-ray images of individual molecules, as they explain in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters. CFEL is a cooperation of DESY, the University of Hamburg, and the Max Planck Society.

Source : Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron A Research Centre of the Helmholtz Association

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